Breweries serve up racial justice conversations to their customers

With the national discourse about race growing louder, Michigan's craft brewing industry is facing its own racial reckoning. Many brewers are providing diversity, equity and inclusion training to their staff to address these disparities, but one organization is planning to go a step further and bring discussions about racial justice and diversity to brewery customers throughout Michigan.

Too tall, too short, too big: Athletes breaking body stereotypes

How can athletes excel despite having an atypical body for their sport? Kevin Alschuler, a psychologist at the University of Washington School of Medicine, has worked with sports teams and conducted sports-related research on pain, discomfort and adaptation to extreme physical distress. He believes that athletes with atypical body types who succeed at elite levels do so because they have optimized everything else.

Could a Changing Legal Landscape Bring New Risks to Pharmacists?

[Article appears on Page 38 of the Michigan Pharmacist Journal] Despite the potential licensing and criminal ramifications of prescribing controlled substances to drug addicts, pharmacists in Michigan traditionally have not had to worry about civil lawsuits from drug seekers who commit criminal offenses to obtain narcotics. However, a recent West Virginia case should raise concerns about potential civil liability for pharmacists who prescribe narcotics to drug addicts.
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