Appointing Guardians for Your Children in Your Will

Learn why you should name a guardian for your children, what the rules and limitations are in making the choice, and how to make the formal appointment. Most parents do what they can to make sure their children have secure and stable futures. Understandably, parents imagine themselves in those futures—they don't want to think about dying and someone else raising their children. It's very unlikely that a child will lose both parents before turning 18, but part of planning for the future is prep

Could a Changing Legal Landscape Bring New Risks to Pharmacists?

[Article appears on Page 38 of the Michigan Pharmacist Journal] Despite the potential licensing and criminal ramifications of prescribing controlled substances to drug addicts, pharmacists in Michigan traditionally have not had to worry about civil lawsuits from drug seekers who commit criminal offenses to obtain narcotics. However, a recent West Virginia case should raise concerns about potential civil liability for pharmacists who prescribe narcotics to drug addicts.